Professional Sales, Installation, Rental and Service Of
A Full Range Of Mobility And Accessibility Aides

Residential Home Elevators, Stairlifts, Vertical Platform Lifts, Ceiling Lifts, Wheelchair Ramps And More

We are your accessibility experts in the Tri-State Area providing expert sales, service and installation of all types and styles of mobility and accessibility aides.

We proudly offer a quality selection of only the finest Vertical Lifts, Stair Lifts, Auto Lifts, Ramps, Patient Lifts, VPL’s (Vertical Platform Lifts For Wheelchairs), Residential and LU/LA Elevators and other accessibility products. We have the right solutions for both caregivers and the physically disabled to enjoy greater independence in daily living at the highest level of safety.

We are always available for free consultations and estimates. Give us a call and let us know your specific situation and we can help you determine the right product to suit your individual need.

We have branch locations that service Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois as well as Northwest Indiana. Our professional staff is always ready to talk with you or even visit your home to help you find the perfect solution to your mobility needs.

We Are Certified Accessibility Contractors Advancing Your Independence With Home and Bathroom Modifications

Our capabilities also include a broad range of accessibility modifications for home and bathroom including low threshold showers, walk in bathtubs, safety bars, wheelchair accessible kitchens and more. We are a Certified Environmental Access Consultant (C.E.A.C.) maintaining a high level of integrity in everything we do and can help make your home more accessible both inside and out.

If you have an accessibility situation and aren’t sure what to do, give us a call. We have years of experience and a strong reputation for quality service to provide you with the best home elevator, wheelchair lift or stairlift to meet your needs. Speak to one of our accessibility experts to create the best overall plan to make your home an easier place to live today.

We Are A Fully Certified And Accredited Accessibility Products Company

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Our Product Categories

Residential Elevators

Residential Elevators, Wisconsin, Illinois

Residential Home Elevators and Lifts can be custom made to fit an existing or new home. They can even be made small enough to fit into an existing closet. Read more about Residential Elevators

Elevators and Accessibility Products in Illinois and Wisconsin

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps, Wisconsin, Illinois

Whether you need a simple, solid wheelchair ramp for a small step or a customized ramp system for a winding front entranceway, we can help. Read more about Wheelchair Ramps

Porch Lifts

Porch Lifts

A cost-effective accessibility solution providing easy access to porches and areas with steps or uneven elevations. Perfectly suited for wheelchairs. Read more about Porch Lifts


Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts

Gain handicap access to different levels such as a porch, patio or even a garage or public building. Can be used in place of elevators between two floors. Read more about Vertical Platform Lifts

Patient Ceiling Lifts

Patient Ceiling Lifts

Customized systems that facilitate mobility while leaving open floor space. We are ADA certified and can install a system that is both safe and easy to use. Read more about Patient Ceiling Lifts

Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Door Openers

Can be controlled using wireless switches or touch controls allowing complete access through residential or light commercial doorways. Read more about Automatic Door Openers


Incline Platform Lifts

Incline Platform Lifts in Wisconsin Illinois NW Indiana

Provides wheelchair access to multiple levels of both straight and curved stairways. Equipped with a folding seat and can be installed indoors or out. Read More About Incline Platform Lifts

Home Modifications

Home Modifications For Wheelchair Accessibility

Providing accessible home modifications, accessibility products and customized solutions for the aging, injured, handicapped and physically challenged. We are a Certified Environmental Access Consultant. Read More

Vehicle Lifts & Ramps

Vehicle Lifts & Ramps Icon

Providing both sales and installation of Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts and Ramps, Turning Automotive Seating and Wheelchair or Scooter restraint systems for your truck, van or auto. Read More

LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA Elevators Illinois Wisconsin NW Indiana

Providing installation and service of Limited Use/Limited Application commercial elevators for low rise/low occupancy buildings. Read More


Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts & Stair Glides Wisconsin Illinois

Customized stairlifts for straight, curved and outdoor stairways. Go up and down stairs effortlessly and without danger of falling. Completely customizable. Read more about Stair Lifts

Bathroom Modifications

Bathroom Modifications For Accessibility in Wisconsin Illinois Indiana

Whether you are interested in a complete bathroom remodel or just some simple bathroom accessibility products, we have what you need for you or to facilitate patient care. Read more about Bathroom Modifications


Stair Trac for Wheelchairs Wisconsin Illinois

Easily move a person in a wheelchair up and down stairways with the touch of a button. Can be attached to most wheelchairs. Suitable for travel. Read more about Portable Wheelchair Lifts


Dumbwaiters in Wisconsin Illinois NW Indiana

Makes moving goods and supplies in your multi-storied home fast and easy. Carry laundry, bags of groceries, and other household items effortlessly! Read more about Dumbwaiters