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A Motorized Wheelchair Lift For Stairways

Incline Platform Lifts from Access Elevator in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana Incline platform lifts from Access offer durability, design flexibility, sleek styling a user-friendly control system and many safety features. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, incline platform lifts can follow both straight and curved stairways and provide access to to seven landings. They accommodate wheelchair users and can be equipped with a folding seat for users who have trouble climbing stairs. They are available in a variety of finishes and design options and can be customized to meet a wide variety of applications.


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Incline Platform Lift from Garaventa

Garaventa GLS Artira Incline Platform Lift

The GSL Artira is an incline platform lift that travels on tubular rails mounted to the stairway. This style of incline platform lift can follow both straight and curving stairways and provide access up to seven landings. The Artira combines durability and design flexibility with sleek styling, a user-friendly control system and many safety features. This wheelchair lift is available in a variety of finishes, with many design options allowing for extensive customization for each application. The Artira is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This incline platform lift can be operated independently or by an attendant with remote control. The Artira is designed to transport people in wheelchairs and when equipped with a folding seat, the Artira provides access to people who have difficulty climbing stairs. The GSL Artira is a cost-effective and ADA-compliant access solution.


Garaventa Xpress II Model

The Garaventa Xpress II incline platform wheelchair lift is designed to provide access between two landings. The platform travels on rails which are secured directly to the wall or to support towers. The upper rail houses a gear rack and a traveling cable while the lower rail provides lateral support. The platform is propelled by means of a carriage-mounted rack-and-pinion drive system. When the platform is not in use it is folded, taking up minimal space on the stairway. The Xpress II is cost-effective and is ADA-compliant. This model can be designed with a variety of standard and optional features to suit the needs of the user and building owner.

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Butler Mobility Products – Incline Platform Lifts

The Butler Mobility Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift (IPL) is the perfect solution for a home with stairs where someone cannot transfer to a wheelchair lift or needs to have a wheel chair on both levels of their home.

As well as ADA-compliance, our wheelchair lift models meet or exceed all National Safety Code (ANSI/ASME code) requirements. Our wheelchair lifts are V.A. approved and have UL® and CSA certified components.

Standard lifting capacity is 500 lbs.(227 kg.) The optional lifting capacity is 750 lbs (350 kg).

In the event of a power failure, the standard battery backup will bring the platform up and down as many as 12-15 times, depending on the age of the battery, the height and the load, so the user is never left stranded
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Incline Platform Lift from Savaria

Savaria Incline Platform Lift Model ES-125

The compact ES-125 inclined platform lift is easily installed on most straight staircases indoors or outdoors. This unit is a great space-saving and affordable option when you require access to a secondary level but an elevator or vertical lift is not a practical option. It travels along a guide rail over the stairs to carry a wheelchair passenger up or down a straight run of stairs.

Suitable for use in homes or in public spaces, the ES-125 lift is available in two models, the standard and plus. The Standard model requires a machine room where the drive is located and thereby hiding it out-of-sight. The Plus model houses the drive in a tower located at the top of the stairs, a good solution when it is not possible to locate the drive remotely.

When not in use, the unit folds to within 14″ (356 mm) of the wall, leaving access to the stairs. Unfold the unit and the dual access ramps automatically lower to provide easy access to the non-skid platform. The ES-125 is a popular choice for churches, schools and homes where access over a flight of stairs is needed.

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