Automatic Door Openers

Your Gateway to Greater Accessibility For All

We provide automatic door openers and door controls for the handicapped, disabled and physically challenged.  At Access our products and services allow you to care for yourself or someone else, independently, in your home. Independence includes automatic door openers and related door controls to help those handicapped and others who need assistance through doors with side hinges.

Companion controls are easy to choose and use. Wall Switches Wireless signal is coded to prevent signal duplication or frequency overlap in multiple unit installation.


Complete Independence At The Touch Of A Button

At the touch of a button, an automatic door opener gives complete independence to enter and exit a residential or public access /light commercial door (which can be for an elevator or lift or a gate). This professional grade disabled access system unlatches a locked door, then opens, pauses and closes it – all automatically. This remote controlled door opener can be operated with a variety of wheelchair mounted remote controls, wall push pads and other specialty controls customized to accommodate almost any physical disability.The door system incorporates the use of a door release mechanism installed in the door frame. This type of mechanism, called an “electric strike plate”, is commonly used in apartment buildings where an intercom system is present, and allows the continued use of all existing keys. There are some exceptions where non-locking door handles are present and existing hardware may need to be replaced.




A popular option to the door system is the keyless entry pad – a wireless device easily installed on the outside of the door. Keypads are usually intended for attendants and care providers to allow easy access to the residence without dispensing keys. Keypads use a 4-digit combination that can be easily changed at a moments notice. To date, many door openers have been built and installed throughout the USA. Wheelchair and scooter users are now able to open their doors to independence with ease and economy.

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