Platform Lifts in Chicago, IL

When you are looking at accessibility options for your home or business, there are often several that are possibilities. However, sometimes you either don’t have the space for some options, or you just prefer a platform lift for accessibility. Access Elevator can show you numerous options from different manufacturers that will fit the bill for your needs.

Vertical Platform Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts in Chicago and the Surrounding Areas

Wheelchair Lifts in Chicago, IL The first question you will need to answer is if the wheelchair lift will be for indoor or outdoor use. Some models are designed for only indoor use, while others can be used in either application. When you add an outdoor platform lift, you are not only adding mobility and independence for those in wheelchairs and other disabilities, but you also adding convenience for other family members and friends, increasing safety, and increasing the value of your home or business.

When looking at choosing a platform lift, it is important to consider a number of different aspects so that the platform lift you choose is the right model. For example, will the platform lift be used by just wheelchair users, or are you expecting a variety of mobility-impaired people to be using the lift? Another consideration is how many flights of stairs or feet does the platform lift need to travel. Will the platform lift be used for just moving people, or will it possibly be used to also move inventory or other items?

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Platform Lifts for Chicago Businesses, Churches, and Homes

Platform liftsPlatform Lifts in Chicago, IL are perfect not only for homes but also for churches and businesses. You will find that the platform lift ends up being used more often than you anticipated it would, as more people will talk about it and you will see more people taking advantage of the easier access you have provided.

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