Savaria Home Elevators in Milwaukee, WI and Appleton, WI

What used to be reserved for wealthy families who have the means to afford them has now become common and readily accessible for many more families. Having a home elevator is still regarded as an upscale item that is normally seen in more expensive homes and areas, but more and more people are opting to add a home elevator. There are a number of reasons why you may want to have an elevator in your home. Perhaps the most obvious is if you are in a wheelchair, but even if you are temporarily injured, or even if you would prefer using the elevator instead of the stairs, having a Savaria home elevator in your home is a welcome addition. The professionals at Access Elevator can provide you details on all of the home elevators that Savaria manufactures.

Savaria Home Elevators in Milwaukee, WI and Appleton, WI Residential Home Elevators by Savaria

No matter your situation, Savaria provides a home elevator solution that will match it. Starting with the Telecab model up through the Vuelift model, Savaria provides a number of models that will fit your home’s configuration.

The Vuelift elevator features a glass elevator available in round or octagonal setup. The sleek modern design matches nearly any décor and is available in custom colors with an integrated hoistway. Vuelift can be a featured piece in a room, or can also be located near corners for maximum space utilization.

For more traditional hoistway home elevators, you can review the Zenith, Infinity, and Eclipse models. The Zenith model features a machine roomless option, making installation easier with fewer modifications to your home. The Infinity model is a traditional hydraulic drive system, and it can serve up to six stops with a maximum travel of 50 feet. The Eclipse model is the most popular home elevator, features up to six stops, and offers a machine roomless option.

The Telecab models are the basic home elevator and do not require any machine room or other serious modifications to your home. This model serves two stops and easily runs through a hole between the two floors it services.

Home Elevators Offer Access

When you think of having a home elevator, there are typically only two scenarios that most people think of. First is thinking of elderly people who want to remain at home while continuing to access all levels of their house. Second is for those who are handicapped, such as in a wheelchair. And while these are fairly common reasons to have a home elevator, there are other benefits that can often be overlooked, such as for visitors coming to stay with you.

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