Stair Lifts in Appleton

We know many customers in Appleton that have held off on getting a stair lift installed for one reason or another. Whatever may have been holding you back, there is no harm in at least getting a free inspection and estimate for a stair lift in your Appleton, WI home. We also recommend talking to some other people that have had stair lifts installed in their home. We can guarantee you will hear stories about how wish they had done it sooner and how much it has improved their quality of life. If you are not able to find anyone throughout your neighborhood, we can gladly supply you with some references of past customers that have been very satisfied with the stair lifts they have had installed in their Appleton home.

Curved Stair Lift in Appleton

Curved stair lift in Appleton homeOccasionally, we speak with customers who do not think their home can have a stair lift installed. If they have a complicated staircase with various landings and curves, they often think there is not a stair lift for that can fit their particular application. The truth is, unless you have a circular staircase, there are stair lifts to fit any application including curves, switchbacks, and landings.

A curved stair lift is designed for when a staircase has a turn or corner. While called a “curved stair lift”, curved stair lifts are actually part of overall stair lifts. The beginning of your stair lift installation will probably include a straight stair lift and then have a section that includes a curved stair lift. Finally, your stair lift will end with another straight stair lift at the top landing to complete the entire installation. Many new homes need a curved stair lift because they were designed with staircases that amplify the design and space in the home. Also, we find many basements do not have a straight staircase and require a curved stair lift in order to fit in the space.

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Straight stair lift by SavariaStraight Stair Lift for Appleton Residents

Appleton is part of the “Fox Cities” that sit on the Fox River and as such, part of the Fox Cities metropolitan which is the third largest in the state behind Milwaukee and Madison. Appleton is a rather large city for Wisconsin with a population of 72,623. The population has stabilized with an average growth of only 2-3% over the past few decades.

If you need a straight stairlift or curved stair lift in Appleton, Access Elevator can help! Contact us now to request a quote, or stop by our new showroom on College Ave in Appleton.

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