What Is Disabled Access Credit and How Do You Qualify?

More companies now than ever are taking the necessary steps to make their businesses handicap friendly for those with disabilities. From wheelchair ramps, interpreters for hearing impaired persons, and taped text aids, businesses are finally beginning to improve access for all people, creating a more inclusive environment.

Small businesses that comply with ADA guidelines to make businesses more accessible may receive tax benefits to offset expenses incurred in attempts to accommodate handicapped clients and workers.

Disabled Access Credit is a tax break given to small businesses that provide accommodations for individuals with disabilities. As a non-refundable tax credit, the Disabled Access Credit that small businesses receive offers 50% of the amount of the eligible expenditures between $250 and $10,250.

In other words, if eligible access expenses are incurred when improving accessibility for disabled people, then small businesses can qualify for Disabled Access Credit and receive substantial tax breaks. But you may be wondering, who qualifies for Disabled Access Credit? Your small business qualifies for Disabled Access Credit if:

  • Your small business has $1 million or less in gross receipts for the preceding tax year.
  • Your small business has 30 or less full-time employee
  • Your small business has elected to claim the Disabled Access Credit for the coming texture

If your small business has removed barriers to promote ease of access, offered interpreters or other forms of audio for hearing impaired people, provided readers and tape text for visually impaired people, or offered equipment and devices for disabled persons, then your small business may be eligible for Disabled Access Credit that puts money back in your pocket and rewards you for being inclusive and accommodating. Don’t miss out! Fill out the attached form to add to your 2020 tax return!

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