Wheelchair Lifts in Appleton, Cudahy, Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Wausau, Wisconsin

Accessibility is the name of the game, whether you are talking about getting into and out of your home, or having access to buildings for work or business. Wheelchair lifts provide a fast, easy and economical way to add this accessibility, and there are a variety of models to suit the needs of the application being considered. They are also a great way to accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act, and they don’t take up as much physical space as ramps do. While designed for those in wheelchairs, these can also be used by those who have difficulty navigating stairs. Give Access Elevator a call today to learn more about wheelchair lifts.

Wheelchair Lifts in Appleton, Cudahy, Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Wausau, WisconsinWheelchair Lifts For The Home

Making your home more accessible to disabled and elderly members of your family can provide a number of important benefits, including increased independence and enhanced self-confidence. Sometimes called porch lifts, wheelchair lifts are a great solution to mobility and provide a cost-effective access solution to your home. Some models come with a variety of safety features, and they take up less space than a ramp; they can be the perfect solution when there is no space for a ramp as well. Wheelchair lift installations can provide more secure footing and reduced fatigue for elderly individuals. They are a great way to allow people access, without requiring drastic changes to your home.

Commercial Applications Of Wheelchair Lifts

Having a wheelchair lift in the home isn’t the only application for this great equipment. There are plenty of commercial applications for wheelchair lifts, and you might be surprised at how useful they are once they are installed. Very often we see buildings that either retrofit a ramp or they plan the ramp into the construction. These are all fine, but sometimes space concerns dictate another option, and a wheelchair lift is the perfect solution.

Wheelchair lifts are used by a diverse and numerous group of end-users. They are often used by wheelchair users, but other users of other mobility devices, such as canes, crutches, and walkers find them helpful as well. These numbers also do not include all those for whom stairs are a challenge due to some other conditions that limit mobility, such as arthritis, emphysema, and heart conditions. Wheelchair lifts can also add value and increase what the property may sell for in the future.

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