Wheelchair Ramps in Chicago, IL

When your day to day life doesn’t include a wheelchair, do you really notice what could cause issues for those who depend on wheelchairs? Think about your home and the daily tasks you do there.  Simply getting into your home can be problematic for someone in a wheelchair.  If there are steps leading up to the door, without a ramp,  visitors in a wheelchair will not be able to access your home.

Wheelchair Ramps, Bruno Stair Lifts, and Wheelchair Lifts in Chicago, ILAnd don’t think that ramps are just for people in wheelchairs. Having a gradual incline instead of steps makes it easier for those with other frailties, including those on crutches and other medical devices that make it difficult to move around. Ramps don’t have to be ugly either, as there are many designs and varieties to meet your needs and décor.

ACCESS Elevator is Chicago’s Trusted Wheelchair Ramp Installer

When it comes to installations of wheelchair ramps, Chicago turns to Access Elevator for worry-free and hassle-free installations. There are several benefits to adding a wheelchair ramp to your home or business. Improved mobility is an obvious benefit, as it allows easier access for everyone. There are several different materials that a wheelchair ramp can be made of, and this can make your wheelchair ramp nearly maintenance-free. Configuration of your wheelchair ramp is also very flexible, and Access Elevator can work with your property and building layout to develop a wheelchair ramp that works.

What Kind Of Wheelchair Ramps Are Best?

There are a variety of wheelchair ramps that are available, and figuring out the right one can be a challenge. Should you have an aluminum ramp? Wood? Steel? How long should the ramp be? Do you need any rest spots in your ramp, and if so, how many? What is your property layout like for a ramp, can you do a single run or do you need it to snake? So many questions that Access Elevator can help you answer and show you the great options made possible by all of the companies that they represent. Call Access Elevator today to get the process started and let us help you get back into your home.

Wheelchair Ramps Add Value To Your Home Or Business

While many people think that having a wheelchair ramp detracts from the value of a home or business, the opposite is actually true. For example, a wheelchair ramp at your home makes it more attractive to a wider audience when it comes time to sell because the potential buyer doesn’t have to worry about adding one themselves. And if they have a family member or friend who is in a wheelchair, that makes the home more inviting.

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