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Five Key Benefits of Adding a Wheelchair Ramp to Your Home

Retaining independence is a key value for many disabled and elderly individuals. Installing customized wheelchair ramps can be an affordable and practical solution to increase mobility and ensure the highest degree of independent living for older adults living alone or with their families. Along with other access solutions that may include a chair lift or elevator, ramps can provide added help for caregivers, disabled individuals and older family members in navigating their homes indoors and out. Here are five of the most important benefits of wheelchair ramps in the residential marketplace.

Improved Mobility
Increased mobility is the most obvious advantage of wheelchair ramps both inside and outside the home. By making it easier for elderly and disabled people to enter and leave their residences, these accessibility options can reduce the risk of injuries or accidents during trips to and from grocery stores, medical facilities and other common destinations. When combined with a chair lift, elevator or stair lift inside the home, these ramps can provide solid mobility assistance for older adults living alone or with family members or caregivers.

An Array of Material Choices
Depending on your family’s needs and budget, wheelchair ramps can be constructed from green-friendly plastic materials, aluminum, composites, pressure-treated wood and lumber or concrete. This can ensure the greatest longevity and durability for your new accessibility addition and can allow even heavy scooters to pass easily from the outdoors into your home.

Easy Configuration
Wheelchair ramp systems can be designed to provide access to almost any entrance to your home. In some cases, modular systems can even be taken down and repositioned to suit changing mobility needs and lifestyles. By working with an established company to manage access to your home both indoors and out, you can ensure that your installation meets your needs now and well into the future.

Convenience for All Members of the Family
Ramps can also provide added help in moving equipment, furnishings and other items into your home. Caregivers and family members can enjoy added convenience when moving groceries and can often eliminate multiple trips from car to pantry through the use of a portable cart or wagon. This can save time and effort in managing daily tasks and everyday workloads.

Increased Value at Time of Resale
In many cases, a wheelchair ramp access system can increase the appeal of your home and may expand the available pool of buyers interested in purchasing it in the future. Along with an indoor chair lift or other accessibility solution, these additions can make your property more attractive for older adults and for families managing the care of aging parents and grandparents. By investing in high-quality installations for your access solutions, you can enjoy added financial benefits when you resell your home.

Working with a proven company like Access Elevator Inc. can ensure that you receive top-quality services and enhanced mobility for disabled and older members of your family. For adults living alone and struggling with stairs or other accessibility issues, Access Elevator can provide the right solutions to ensure greater independence while allowing you to remain safely in your home.